Self Storage HACKS

Published on 1/30/2023

Here are a few self-storage hacks:

Use small boxes: Pack smaller items into small boxes to maximize space and stack items neatly.

Label everything: Clearly label each box and the contents within for easy access and organization.

Disassemble furniture: Take apart large furniture pieces like bed frames, desks and shelves to save space.

Use shelving: Installing shelving in the storage unit can help you maximize vertical space and keep items organized.

Cover items: Cover items in plastic or furniture pads to protect them from dust and moisture.

Store in layers: Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top to ensure stability.

Make aisles: Leave an aisle down the center of the unit so you can easily access items stored on either side.

Utilize the walls: Hang items like bikes and golf bags on the walls to free up floor space.

Store appliances with the doors open: To prevent mold, store appliances like refrigerators with the doors open.

Use vacuum-sealed bags: Compress clothing and linens with vacuum-sealed bags to save space.

Use a climate-controlled unit for sensitive items like electronics, artwork, and books.

In short, fixing your self storage unit helps protect your belongings, maximize space, ensure easy access, prevent pests, prevent accidents, enhance security, and maintain the value of items.

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