The Dos of Self Storage Units

Published on 1/2/2023

Are you new to renting a self storage unit? Or maybe you already rent a storage unit and need some tips and tricks to better your self storage experience. Either way, this guide can help you get the most out of your unit.

Read on for the ‘dos’ when renting a self storage unit in Fort Smith (or anywhere else)! 

Do get a self storage unit near you

To start, a good storage unit is one that’s conveniently located near you. If you plan on visiting your storage unit on a regular basis, then choose a storage facility close to your home or work. There’s no point renting a storage unit if it’s an hour across town. Unless you’re using it for something like short-term boat storage in the off season. 

Do shop around for a facility 

Take some time to shop around and find the best storage facility for your needs. 

Do find the right storage unit size

Storage units come in many different sizes. Specifically, at Chaffee West Office & Mini Storage, we have 4 unit sizes to choose from. Ranging from a 5ft x 5ft unit up to a 10ft x 20ft unit. 

Do pack & store your items properly

Preparing your items for storage is an important step. You don’t want your belongings to become damaged, broken or perish. Make sure you take the time to pack items correctly in storage boxes etc, and ensure you do the same when packing them away in your storage unit. This is especially important if you’re using long term self storage.

Do create an inventory

Creating an inventory for your self storage unit will help keep track of what’s in your unit and where to find it.

Do rent a self storage unit at Chaffee West Office & Mini Storage

Now that you know all the dos to self storage, it’s time to start your self storage journey or possibly fix your current self storage situation. 

If you’re looking for a self storage facility in Fort Smith, AR, Chaffee West Office & Mini Storage is the go-to storage provider. Our facility is safe, clean, secure and our friendly staff can help with any storage queries. Call the team on (479) 322-8608 or send an email at

Lastly, we’ll cover the ‘don’ts of self storage’ in our next blog. Keep an eye on our blog page for updates!